Why Are You In a Mastermind Group ?

Here are some responses to the question “Why Are You In a Mastermind Group ?” provided by regular Mastermind Groups participants :


I’m in a mastermind because I’m a big believer that you’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and I like to hang out with people who are active at improving their business.


I’m in a mastermind because I like working with people that will give me an honest opinion as to what I’m doing from outside.


Main reason is because I think as an entrepreneur before I just was feeling really isolated and alone and being in a mastermind group I’m able to share wins and struggles and get alternative perspectives from my lady mafia mastermind group members.



I like to see what other people that are in my same space are doing and what their struggles are, because I think when you hear what other people are going through you get a sense of how to struggle and how to kind of go with your own business.


I’m in a mastermind group because I want the perspective of other people that I don’t see for myself and I want to be able to get feedback and support and know that they’re always going to be pushing me to grow my business and grow myself.


I love hearing honest feedback about what I’m going on in my business and the accountability factor, definitely.


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